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News from your family foundation:

Beginning 2019, weve seen an up and down market which affects our ability to fund requests outside of the matching funds program for family members. That being said, as stewards, we strive to provide for and continue the philanthropic works that Peter Kuntz established throughout his life.а

His words:

From the Last Will & Testament of Peter Kuntz Sr.

… Item IV.

"My Trustees have been intimately conversant with my custom and desires as to the charities and benevolences during my life and so far as possible and the net profits of the trust fund herein mentioned will permit after my decease, I desire that these customs and voluntary donations be annually and liberally continued, even though the dispensing of the same in some years in which they are likely to have made little or no profit, may considerably inconvenience them, therefore without in any wise whatever binding my estate for their future payment or continuance I leave it to their own good judgment to do in the matter whatever they may think from time to time that I would do if living and personally with them; let them be liberal and conscientious in the matter but at the same time, use their own judgment and be guided only by what they think my wishes and inclinations would have been in each particular case; therefore in each year, on an ascertainment of the net profits of the trust fund, they should voluntarily do something for charity and benevolences before they make any division of the same among my children as hereinafter provided."

His instructions to us all, should be a beacon and guide to be ever mindful of his generosity andаcommitment to help others. In that same vein, we need to insure the fund will be able to meet the needs that underlined his wishes. Your trustees are the stewards of The Kuntz Family Foundation.



This website is always under construction, until we get everything we need to create an informative, and hopefully, useful site for all the decedents of Peter Kuntz Sr.

Your input is important. Suggestions on how we can make this a better site are needed. What do you want to see?


One of the purposes of this site is to link us all as a family. Over the years, our families have grown, and have spread far from the tree planted by Peter Kuntz Sr. in Dayton. There are stories and history, which abound in this family, and this is a good place to share them with everyone.


Also, we wanted to let you know about a little used benefit of being a Kuntz. The Kuntz Foundation will match your donation to a qualified charity up to $1000 for any member of the family.


Donate $1000 to your church or charity, the Foundation will match it. Restrictions apply. But more on that later... There is a separate page for this information.


Dontae $500 to two different charities, or four $250.а

Just a few things we're working on…

Obituaries, Births, and News! Help us spread the word. Were all branches from the same tree, lets keep this tree alive.а


There are links to email us. We'll try to get an updated family tree on this site, and any other tidbits that might be fun and informative.

About the Author:

George Kuntz, 4th generation having worked for PK, in various yards, such as Lebanon, Marion, Centerville, Sidney, and Englewood in the 17 yrs associated with the PK Company until shortly after it was sold. I am also a trustee for The Kuntz Foundation.

Please email me concerning anything on this site. Thank you!


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