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From: Ann Alden adoannie35@yahoo.com

Subject: Kuntz family

Date: August 6, 2016 at 10:18 AM

To: citadel72@aol.com

I just received an email from Kristin Mercker with your email to her included.

What a nice surprise to here about your family papers going to the Dayton Carillon Park and that eventually there will be an exhibit that we can

see. Our son and friends were just over there to attend the annual crafts exhibit. He has always been interested in history and couldn't share

enough about the other exhibits. I can't wait to share your email with him. He will probably attend the opening day of your


Well, when I got Kristen's answer to a question i had asked about the picture of Mary Higi Kuntz's home I was elated. And then she included

the picture of the Kuntz Higi family in Union City, then I was thrilled!!!

There was a photo that included my great grandparents (Caroline and Fidel Higi) along with my grand aunts, their daughters. I knew that Mary

had married Peter,Sr and that another sister had married one of the other brothers. That must be Mary Molly. And to see them in a more

casual picture makes them more real to me. My pictures were studio taken and somewhat stilted. Yours are a joy and thanks for sharing

them with Kristen!!!

She has offered to send me more when she gets your DVD.

My grandfather, Stephen Higi was involved in the opening of one of lumber stores in Indiana and I think Kristen sent me the opening day

picture with my grandfather and one of the Kuntz brothers out in front of the store. I think there was a nice article

included also. You might like a copy of that if it isn't in your papers.

I sent some notes about the Higis to Kristen but don't think they would be of any interest in the Kuntz exhibit. Can't wait to hear when it opens

and hope I can get to Dayton to see it.

Thanks again for sharing,


Ann Higi Alden

380 Sycamore Woods Lane

Columbus OH 43230

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University of Dayton Chapel

Re: University of Dayton Chaple...The chapel’s main entry doorway with its Gothic arch design and beautiful paneled doors and transom were made of Cuban mahogany in the mill at Peter Kuntz Lumber Co. here in Dayton in the late ’60s. Over the years I have observed the entry to see how it has weathered. Facing west and with no protection, the doors look almost as good as the day they were installed. This, I believe, is due in no small part to the care that maintenance people at UD have provided. It always gives me great pride that our family firm was privileged to provide it. —Peter H. Kuntz ’50

6th Generation and Counting

After a few years, the website is still here! And, hopefully it is a conduit to keeping the family ties a little stronger. The amount of matching funds given by the foundation to descendants of Peter Kuntz has grown. As the families grow with each new generation, it has been harder to accumulate information on births, marriages, and deaths on everyone, unless we’re notified. Please send us family update.а

The Family Tree you see on this website is just a small portion of the information we can put into the site. Obituaries, birth announcements, achievements can all be include. We want this to be a family source for everyone. And someday, when little Avery Vincze turns 21 (my 1st Granddaughter), she might ask for a matching donation for her church or organization. The Kuntz Foundation will know who she is!


A year ago this week, we lost Dad (Martin Kuntz Jr.) And, while it was unexpected, it should remind all of us to never lose sight of the people we love and the lessons they’ve taught us in life. This site is also a memorial to all those family members that came before us. We want to know who those people were, and keep those memories for futrue generations.а

I’m sure you’ve noticed the new look of the website. We’ve had to re-do the software after some links were lost.а

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